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Beauty tools made with Swarovski crystals

Hand decorated compact mirrors, eyebrow tweezers with Swarovski crystals

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What are the basics in everyday women routine, aside from family, career and relations?
Mont Bleu believes that, without some items, all of mentioned above would not be succeeded. Essentials that we use everyday, without even doubting their necessity, cosmetic tools become part of our lives. All beauty tools are hand decorated with Swarovski crystals in Czech Republic, Europe.


Apparently since very ancient times, people can’t live without having a mirror in the house, well time past and know we can’t imagine a women’s purse without compact mirror.


metal compacts mirrorsbeauty tools swarovski


We all know how it is important to have well-groomed eyebrows. The times of Freida’s unibrows past, and we have plenty of options to pluck our brows, but the most common one is a use of eyebrow tweezers.


Beauty and healthy hair is one of the most important parts of our look. Mont Bleu offers you easiest and safest way to treat your hair. Hair brushes with natural boar bristles and wellness pins, allows you to have affordable spa at your home.


As we thought about healthy nails, while producing glass nail files we also thought about other needed tools for nail care, offering you high quality nail and cuticle scissors.


Our everyday make up routine couldn’t exist without extra tools, such as makeup brushes. From the competitive market we choose only experienced and trustworthy suppliers. Decorating make up brushes, allowed us to offer you beautiful tool for your beauty.


Of course glass nail files definitely can be considered as a cosmetic tool. What else if not glass nail file keeps your nails shaped?  Use of glass nail file brings only positive effects.