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"One of the most luxurious nailcare items I own!!!"
by Tina @ All The Vanity


"No more paper paper nail files! I’m such a tree hugger! These are durable, reusable and can even be used to remove dry skin from your heels! (I know this may seem silly but you can even file your pet’s claws with them! It’s true!) I like to wash mine in warm soapy water and air dry."

by Leslie Loves Veggies


"After researching glass files I found the Mont Bleau Czech Glass Nail Files, and totally fell in love with their designs. I like to give these little beauties away as gifts, and everyone likes them like I do."
by Laura @ Sawan-Heaven


"This one is so smooth and sharp that it feels like slicing away the tips of my nails with a razor blade."
by The Fingernail Files


"The grit is extremely fine and still more efficient than the closest match I have in my small collection of glass files. The edge of my nails felt perfectly smooth after filing and that’s all I’m looking for, really."
by Cucum Pear


Excellent personal service with queries and requests dealt with immediately. Excellent supplier to deal with.

Service provided has been efficient and timely. Good value, well made products

Good delivery, nice products, good customer service, able to design new styles.

Great service, lovely products.

Thank you. You are a star


"I gave the last order of files as gifts and I just know that I will do well for this charity now that my friends and colleagues have experienced the wonder of their gifts. The files are just the BEST!!! They will want more."
from USA