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Glass nail file made in Czech Republic

Glass nail file is an ideal nail care tool

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A glass nail file, what makes it so special?


First of all, original glass nail file is made only from Czech tempered glass. It takes a lot of effort to make these unique nail care tools.


There are several technologies to produce a glass nail file, but all require keeping ground rules.
-    Creation of a special glass alloy
-    Glass hardening
-    Cutting a traditional glass nail file’s form
-    Creation of polishing surface
-    Polishing glass nail file‘s end


And only after these time and man/hours consuming procedures we proceed to the next stage of coloring and decoration. And as final results, comes a perfect glass nail file.


Few more features, that make glass nail file special and better compare to other nail files. The most well-known feature its high hygienic standards, glass nail file can be disinfected via several ways, including UV light. 

Durability and safety can be put together; it is durable because it’s almost unbreakable, which has been proved during experiments, and its safety had been proven by experiments too, if you manage to break it, we assure you pieces are big and not edgy so you won’t cut yourself.


Features like functionality and longevity, make glass nail file even more “must-have” item, you can use it for manicure, pedicure, pet manicure and you will never have to buy a new one, polishing surface has life-long-guarantee.


But, what makes glass nail file from Mont Bleu so special?


Of course the quality and the designs are the features that make our glass nail file special and unique. Every single glass nail file, were whether hand-painted, or hand decorated with Swarovski crystals, sliver pendants and other ways of decoration.


Take a look around our web–page, and you will definitely find something you like.

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