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BIC and cigarette lighters as a gift

Lighter cases and lighter hand decorated with Swarovski crystals

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Since tobacco consummation became public and popular not only in native Indian community, inventors came up with various ways of lightening that tobacco rolls.


Kindlings, matches, and finally lighters all of these were used and still used to make a fire. Lighters are indeed most sufficient and easiest way to light up the cigarette.


Among dozen thousand of lighters and lighters design, Mont Bleu chose only high quality and high safety ones.


Decoration with crystals Swarovski makes our lighters unique, elegant and very useful gift. In our assortment you can find refillable lighters as well as BIC lighter cases.


As additional item to your smoking set, we definitely recommend to get one of our pocket ashtrays. In the modern world, where smoking is mostly prohibited in public places, pocket ashtrays are the alternative to the smelly public smoking bins. Even though, if you feel smoking outside but you don’t want to leave any waste after, pocket ashtrays are the spot of the day.


Decoration with Swarovski crystals also allows getting these items as a gift, because of original design and colorful palette.