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Promotional items with 3D label

with Printed LogoGlass nail filesKey ringsBeauty and personal accessorieswith Swarovski crystalswith Sandblasted Logowith 3D labelCrystal nail filesKey chains

3D labeling or stickers with 3D effect could be named as one of the most easiest, and yet one of the most fascinating customizing techniques.


For creating 3D labels, unique technology of “circumfusion” been used. Surface of plastic labels circumfused with polyurethane alloy, creating a 3D effect. This technology allows protecting surface of labels with logos or prints, increasing durability.


Custom promotional items with 3D label: crystal nail files and key chains.


3D labels are easy to apply on any kind of surface, as for today we offer you glass nail files and glass key rings as possible promotional items.


This technique widens horizons of our possible cooperation with corporate clients.

promotional glass nail files